Let the Holiday Posts Begin!

Friends, it is November 2nd, Halloween is over, and it's time to begin the wintertide holiday festivities.


Half of you reading this will say, "Duh, Chris, my tree's/menorah's been up for weeks, and my shopping was done months ago, and Bing's on the old hi-fi right now!" And the other half will say, "Are you kidding me?! Just because the corporations say its time to start selling doesn't mean it's December already...Quit being a slave to commercialism, you sheep."

To this next group, I say - I agree. No commercialism indeed. A DIYster HAS to start their holiday prep early, cause they're making all their gifts and decor. There are ideas to develop, and paint that needs drying. Handmade holidays are the most, but to do it right, we gotta get moving.

So, Happy Holidays, Curbly. Let's start seeing those seasonal how-tos and all your inspiration!

Photo: Wikimedia.

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