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Halloween Costumes for Procrastinators

by on Oct 29, 2009

Have you’ve scoffed at donning a costume, but as the minutes tick down to the big day, you’re like, ‘Dude, I really wish I’d have a costume!’ No worries, has last minute no-cost/low-cost costume ideas galore. Be aware, however, that these impromptu get-ups often reside in pun territory, meaning they can be clever or just eye rollers. (Sometimes they’re both!) Here’s a taste:

  • Wedding dress + sneakers = a runaway bride.
  • Empty box of cereal and toy knife = cereal killer.
  • Paint a shoebox black and attach it to your back. You’re a refrigerator magnet.
  • Dress normally and pin socks, dryer sheets and hand towels to your shirt. You’re static cling.
  • Catcher’s glove + loaf of rye bread = Catcher in the Rye
  • Tie a couch cushion to your front and back. You’re a lost remote.

For more ideas, follow this link.