Would you have the courage to paint your kitchen cabinets black?


Painting kitchen cabinets is a daunting task and choosing to paint them black could make the job even more of a nail-biter for some. Not for me, however, as black is my go-to color. It would be the ONLY color that wouldn't cause a serious case of the yips. But I digress. Emily's kitchen was perfectly fine 'before', except that she didn't care for her laminate backsplash or the 'orangey-pink' stain of the cabinets. Tile took care of former, the blackest black paint she could find took care of the latter. The outcome? Well, you decide:




To see more pictures and review the details, head on over to Chatting at the Sky. 

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patty on May 16, 2010:

hi Emily!

you are brave! I love the french country style it now looks! when I read the post about the knobs looking like eyeballs I went back and looked and had a good laugh, so funny! they really do look like eyeballs, but they work as long as your singing "I always feel like somebody's watching me" haha!

I'm dying to paint my cherry cabinets, but dare I do it?! first I wanted black, then white, then black, then white..going crazy with this! then I found a white granite/quartz counter with silvery sparkles in it, soooooo pretty with mother of pearl glass tiles for backsplash..probably it's too much, have not yet decided...I guess it should be one or the other, but I love an all white kitchen with chrome, sparkle, and a 1920's silver chandelier I'm dying to have hung... the problem? money! so expensive, this stuff...!!

good luck with your next project! will have to keep my EYES OPEN! haha

Anonymous on Nov 05, 2009:

Dear Emily, I like your new kitchen. I would leave the island as it is (classy!) But the new knobs look strange, like several pairs of eyes, watching you all the time!

emily on Nov 01, 2009:

Well hello. I'm Emily. And that's my kitchen! I will admit, the lighting in the photos isn't exactly true to the reality of what it is. Good idea to paint the island a fun color. I'll have to think about that one...

MarvinWindows on Oct 26, 2009:

Would I have the courage? I'd hope so because that looks awesome. --Mike

jamievogel on Oct 21, 2009:

PS, I am a terrible speller.

Don't get me wrong, I love a white kitchen, but it looks a little off...


DIY Maven on Oct 21, 2009:

Jamie---my thoughts exactly!!!

jamievogel on Oct 21, 2009:

Georgeous! I like all the changes, including the new backsplash, countertops and island. Although, I think I would have either painted the Island black, or maybe a contrasting color like red or green instead of white.

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