DIY Thanksgiving: 15 Early House Prep Tips

DIY Thanksgiving: 15 Early House Prep Tips

Don't get caught like this--table centerpiece is ready and the wall is still being painted--Yikes!

We're not even to Halloween and, from past experience, it's time get my Thanksgiving (House Projects) To Do list in order. Every year I'm caught at the last minute trying to spruce up the joint and make the most outstanding tablescapes (in the words of Sandra Lee) the world has ever seen.

We're five weeks out. There's plenty of time, if well planned, to whip the house into an entertaining mecca that will meet even your highest expectations. 

created at: 2009-10-20

Once these projects are complete, you can sashay around your gatherings like the cool host or hostess you've always imagined yourself being. Here's where you begin:

1. Assess what you feel needs to be done.

2.  Determine how long each project will take

3.  See what materials you already have and make a list of what you need

3.  Prepare a budget for each project

4.  Look at your calendar and make a schedule of which days you'll tackle your projects

5.  Keep an eye out for sales on paint, spackling, cleansers, picture framing, carpet remnants, etc.

6.  Check out the upholstery on your dining room or kitchen chairs before it gets too late. You don't want to pull the chairs out Thanksgiving morning and see that big ugly wine stain.

7.  Check carpet stains you need to tend to

8.  Make sure your windows, and glass doors are sparkling clean

9.  Take an afternoon or evening to wallow around on the floor cleaning all the baseboards

10. Clean out your guest closet to make room for coats

11.  Puts some fresh or fake plants at your front door to make it look inviting

12.  Plan your table decor, find photos, make it yourself

13.  Wash up all dishes and wine glasses that have been gathering dust

14.  Dust out the air vents. I have one right here above my desk that looks atrocious

15.  Make up some lovely smelling potpourri ahead of time and store in an airtight container

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