Put a Cork in It: 25 Creative Works of Cork Art and Design.

Pop Quiz! From where do corks come?


Why, from the Cork Oak, of course. The Quercus suber is a native to southern Europe and northern Africa, and considered an environmently friendly industry as the bark is stripped off every nine-ten seasons for 175 years.

Sure, it's most common use is making stoppers for wine bottles, but peep this collection of art and design creations from cork, both stopper-shaped and otherwise.

  • Cork & Driver
  • Chaise Lounge with a Chaser
  • Cast Cork Kid’s Chairs
  • Soft as a Brick
  • 300 Thousand
  • Chinese Carved Cork
  • Coat of Many Corkers
  • Pets Control
  • Das Korkart
  • Frame By Frame
  • One of a Cork
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