The Fix Its: Get Literary With an Easy Book Art Project

by on Jan 16, 2007

The Fix Its get literary with an easy book art projectWinter finally came to Minnesota this weekend, so we chilled out indoors and created some art for our walls. In this project, we take old, overlooked books and do some paper-folding kung-fu to turn them into works of art.

This cheap, easy, and fun project is a great way to add some artwork to a room without breaking open your wallet. Check it out!





 Here’s the finshed product:


The finished book art product (The Fix Its). Literary Twist in on the bottom, Diamonds are Forever on top.


“Diamonds are forever” is on top, “Literary Twist” is on the bottom. Pretty cool, huh?

For the complete instructions, you’ll have to search around online or get Budget Living’s Home Cheap Home: A Room-by-Room Guide to Great Decorating


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