Ten Things You Can Do (Right Now!) to Brighten Your Home.

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Regardless of your interior style, you've gots to be good to show off your gear...and that means brighten it up. And with the days getting shorter, you gotta do your best to keep your space light and airy. Erin says: "As the evenings are turning darker earlier here in the Midwest, I'm craving every last bit of sunlight I can muster up. I suppose I have two options: Hop a flight to California and bask in the bright, sunny rays... or I can make do with what I've got. Ever the resourceful one, I'm opting for the latter with these 10 easy-to-implement tips for brightening my home." Check 'em out here.

1. Lighten your load

2. Fabricate
3. Go monochromatic

4. Open up

5. Mirror it

6. Hole up

7. Switch it out

8. Freshen up

9. Rearrange

10. Maximize surface area

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