6+ Germ-Infested Places in Your Home

6+ Germ-Infested Places in Your Home

MWT has a cold. At least we HOPE it's a cold and not that snout flu. Just to be on the safe side, as soon as the first sniffle appeared, I wiped down places I deemed 'germ-laden'. According to WebMD, my hunches were right, but I missed some! Here's a rundown of the 6 germiest places in your pad and ways to de-funkify them.

  1. the kitchen sink
  2. your toothbrush 
  3. your salt and pepper shakers
  4. the t.v. remote
  5. the computer keyboard
  6. your bathtub

Stuff not included on the list that I chose to wipe down include:

  • doorknobs
  • kitchen & bathroom cabinet pulls
  • refrigerator handles
  • faucet handles
  • toilet handles
  • telephones

To start the sanitizing process, visit this article on WebMD.


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