DiY: BeDazzle Your Drapes with Studs

DiY: BeDazzle Your Drapes with Studs

Image: WestElm

Advertised as Nailhead Trimmed drapes, upon consideration, these really can't possibly be decorative nailheads attached to fabric drapes.  More likely, they are all dressed up for a sophisticated, yet edgey way with shiny metal studs like bikers use to trim their leather garb. Here's a source for all sorts of studs that could be-dazzle your decor.

created at: 2009-09-21

Studs and much more available at Studs and Spikes.

A bag of 50 runs approximately $5.00. All you need to Be Dazzle Your Drapes is to measure and mark the edges of your plain old drapes and attach the studs. For a visual demo of accurate stud setting, check out this YouTube stud demo.

Other than a few Bags O' Studs, the only tool you'll need is a pair of needle nosed pliers and alot of patience.

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