Customize Your Ikea with Additik

Customize Your Ikea with Additik

Think of an Ikea Lack side table. Got a picture in your head? Now think of all the other people reading this that have the same picture in their heads. Simultaneously sharing a vision is cool, but the image's unvarying nature could also be considered unremarkable. That's where Additik comes in, for they add a little punch to those iconic Ikea pieces.

 a nutshell, Additik makes reposition-able decals for such Ikea staples as the Billy Byom bookcase, Expedit bookcases with drawer or door options, and, yes, Lack side tables, among others. 

So, if you're looking for a quick way to customize those Ikea staples, you might consider Additik. Prices start at about $13 US for the small decals and go up to about $44 for the larger. 


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