Build Your Own Storage Shelves

Build Your Own Storage Shelves

Similar to some storage shelves in both IKEA and Target, this plan guides you in making this set of shelves from two 4x8 pieces of three-quarter inch thick plywood and 2x4 piece of hardboard.  Each of the 16 boxes in the shelf is 11 by 11 inches.


Width 47 3/4"
Height 47 3/4"
Depth 12"

Main Tool: Jig Saw or Circular Saw

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Eva on Jul 06, 2014:

Where is the link for these? Thanks!

PlanCanvas on Jan 16, 2007:

Good point Manzabar.  The link has been updated.

Manzabar on Jan 16, 2007:

They look like interesting shelves.  But if you're only going to link off Curbly to the site for them; could you at least link directly to the plans for the shelves?

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