1/4-Sliced Lamp...I think I hate this.

It's chopped in fourths, meant to stand in a corner (quite like this guy), and completely blends into its context.

stand lights2 Corner Lamp by Korean Designer Ji Young Shon

From Korean designer Ji Young Shon's website:

Why is lamp shade cylinder? Why do we put stand light at the corner?
Eliminate space eater but keep lighting more than before.
I add wit on this design by just chopping into 4 pieces of lamps from conventional stand lamp design.
And now we save material, package, logistics and space as well.


Problem is...I hate it. I've been looking at it for like 10 minutes, and I hate it. I keep thinking "Is this cool enough to post...?" No.  "Is this weird enough to post?" No. It feels like minimalism that lives into its negative, unwarranted stereotype - cold, blank, and soulless. It's forgettable, and...what...silly? And for some strange reason, it reminds me of a tongue depressor.

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