Eco Friendly Alternative: Reface Laminate Countertops

Eco Friendly Alternative: Reface Laminate Countertops

Ugly laminate countertops can make us do crazy things, like trying to paint them. I've never really tried it but the thought has crossed my mind. Take a look at this resurfacing system that was developed in Canada and is being sold by ecocountertopsUSA, Canada and Australia.


created at: 2009-08-28

For a fraction of the cost of ripping out old laminate and replacing it with granite or a solid surface material, a trained technician will apply the water based, toxin free, low odor, environmentally friendly fresh surface in 4-5 hours. It's strong, durable and looks like new. To learn more, read about it right here.  Think of how much landfill space, as well as money, can be saved.

The company is also looking for distributors if you're considering getting in on the ground floor of what could be an environmentally agreeable alternative to kitchen and bathroom tear outs.

 Be sure to check out the ecocountertops canada blog to read about their new tile resurfacing system.

 Simply ingenious. It's not DIY, but it's smart.

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