Craigs List Scavenger!

So I'm home sick today (send flowers!), and what else to do but scour Craig's List for the latest finds in home decor?  Naturally, I'm bringing Curbly along, a la Apartment Therapy style.

Speaking of Apartment Therapy (I swear this post IS going somewhere, Ben), how DO they do it? Find such gems, that is? If you're new to the concept, Apartment Therapy offers scavengers from Craigs List almost weekly. Yet when I log on to Craigs List, I find the boring, *rare!*, $1,000 OBO posts.


Until today.

I now present: ErinLoechner's Guide to Craig's Goods (yes, you may patent that).

Rule #1. Navigate.
It's a crazy world out there, Craig's World. Be sure to have your correct city/state linked on the right. Trust me, this is a no-brainer that could prevent a massive breakdown when you find the perfect Chippendale chairs-- four states away.

Rule #2. Search.
You know that little search engine bar that we all ignore? Use it. With millions of posts, you won't find what you're looking for without that extra push. Not sure where to start? Here are the top three 'key words' that I used, and my accompanying results:

ANTIQUE. I got a nice list of options, but most of them were NOT antique. However, I did manage to find a few diamonds in the rough:

Like these hot club chairs, circa 1960. Annoyingly NOT Art Deco, but hey, it's Craig's List.  $400 for the pair. 

Love this clock. True antique from around 1940's. $50 here.

Craigs List Scavenger!
And this antique Victorian chair (shown right) in need of a pick-me-up. $35 with a bit of TLC.


VINTAGE. Great list of options, like the following:

This sewing machine, exactly like my grandmother's. Swoon! Love at first sight...

Vintage table (shown right) for $40 bucks. I like the look of it, very interesting and a cool plant stand. That's what I call cheap and chic!

Good Form chairs! Where have these been my whole life? So modern, sleek, hip. A DEFINITE steal for $225 for the pair.



This keywod was a bit of a disappointment, but I still got some GREAT finds:

Theatre chairs? NO WAY. Set of three in a row for a cool conversation piece in your living room. Perfect for $150.

Ok here's my favorite (and undoubtedly, the most expensive). Are you ready? Are you sitting? SIX Knoll chairs. Shown left. Need I say more?

And finally, not to be outdone, a gorgeous 50's dining set. Just adorable. And for $200? I'm suddenly feeling so much better... where's that checkbook?




Long story short, Craig's List is the eBay of the Indie generation, and with these helpful hints and smart keywords, you're sure to find whatever you're looking for. 

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jasimar on Jan 13, 2007:

And it's also about Location Location Location.  Though finding something local is much more convenient, you might have more luck in other neighborhoods.  Communities with say, tons of layabout antiques (read: original owners) and lacking in people who know how to resell said antiques.

Manzabar on Jan 12, 2007:

You're killing me by linking to a gorgeous clock that's half a continent away and telling me to make sure I'm browsing in my own area of Craigslist.  :p

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