Canon/Nikon Side By Side Comparison Guide

Canon/Nikon Side By Side Comparison Guide

Last week I posted about my trip to DSLR-Land and mentioned that I made a spread sheet of consumer level Canon and Nikon DSLRs. (Actually, I made two!) My Curbly cohort Chrisjob asked if I could share my findings with him, as he might be in the market for a new DSLR in the coming months. I figured, if the spread sheets could help Chris, they could help other people too!

So, this morning I posted each on Scribd. Chart 1 includes the upper end of Canon and Nikon's consumer DSLRs. Chart 2 includes the lower end including the features of Canon's superior point and shoot, the G10, which was the camera I owned. (Still do. It's awesome.)

I gathered all the specs, which I thought might be pertinent to me*, from DP Review. If I've left anything off that might be of interest to you, head on over to there. Also, I proofread my entries, but if there are any typos etc, my bad. 

*What was pertinent to me was what I understood, or thought I understood, about the workings of a DSLR and how the differences between them might affect my purchase.

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