Turn Crap into a Craft Station

Craft and tool station

Elizabeth found some crap on the curb and turned it into craft/tool station. It started with a railing from a crib. Or maybe it was from some old shelving. Either way, it inspired a very nice project. Other stuff she used to complete the project included:


  • wood screws
  • wire (to make hooks)
  • 3/8-inch dowels
  • power strip
  • nuts, washers, and bolts
  • primer
  • paint
  • scrap 1×4 piece of wood
  • newspaper or drop cloth
  • drywall anchors or molly bolts (optional)


Elizabeth has an eye for a good deal, as she also added four, $1.50 wall pocket hangers from JoAnn's, a $3.50 thrift store spice rack, dowels and wire from Freecycle and a salvaged bench vice compliments of her father. You can see how Elizabeth put the whole thing together on this page at Crafty Nest. 

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