How to Refurbish a Retro Metal Tulip Chair

How to Refurbish a Retro Metal Tulip Chair

This morning I opened my emails to find this sweet, retro metal tulip chair which one of my upholstery student's rehabbed (the mom and daugther creative team). What I was really excited to learn was that she bought an old blue green rusty chair, no photo available, started to sand it and then found a local place that does sand blasting. She purchased the chair for $20.00,had it blasted down to the raw metal for $20.00 and then hand painted it with an oil based enamel. She told us that once the metal was blasted, you can't touch it. It must be handled with a cloth or gloves. Very interesting.

created at: 2009-08-04

Photo Image

Until I take a trip out to the sandblasting place, I'll imagine it looks like this.

A little smart shopping, a creative idea and some good old elbow grease. How satisfying!

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