7 Cheap and Easy Home Office Improvements

7 Cheap and Easy Home Office Improvements

Working from home can be a curse and a blessing. The curse part is that you're at home and home things are always beckoning you away from work, and vice versa. One sure thing is that if you have a room to call your own, you need to make it an attractive and efficient space where you want to spend time. And if you've just blown the budget on a new furnace, don't worry, these tricks cost practically nothing.

1. The first thing you need to do is to put some art on the walls. Don't use old posters you've had around the house. Find some fresh, new, inexpensive art posters and use an old frame you have. Better yet, go to Michaels, buy a canvas with one of their weekly coupons and paint your own art with a pack of acrylics. (I've got my own art all over my work areas.) Take a look at this Curbly post on DIY Font Wall Art.

2. Take everything out of the room and start fresh. I always struggle with moving things around in a tight room, but I don't have so much trouble when I start with an empty room and add only necessary pieces, one at a time. If you've got leftover furniture, consider NOT stuffing it back into the office.

3. Remove everything from the room and closet that is a homey/family item. Even purge the closet of blankets or extra clothes. Make the closet a storage spot for office supplies. You need to feel like you're at work, not up in the spare bedroom.

4. Since you've moved everything out, go through every single thing in that desk and file cabinet and shred what you don't need. This is the time to get organized. One of my all time favorite things is to go buy new supplies. Get color coded folders, a nice new calendar, but keep things simple. Simple organization is the key to staying organized year round.

5. Now the tough part--what do you do at the windows? Personally, I don't feel like fabric drapes or curtains say 'office'. I would try to save a little and go over to Lowe's or Home Depot and get some shutters made for the windows, or you could apply window decals that are attractive to look at and they don't block the light. If you prefer curtains--go for it! Make them or buy them, but make sure they are well made, especially if you'll have clients in.

Make easy loop window shades

6. Get a live plant that will survive and look great, or if you know you'll kill it, arrange your desk to look outside. You'll love to see something green and alive right there at work and it will make that creative thinking view so much nicer. 

7. If you're working with all sorts of odd pieces of furniture like so many of us do, consider hauling everything out to the garage and painting all the furniture white. It will give you a look of uniformity and it will look great against walls painted in a darker shade. 

Love where you work!

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DesigningMom on Jan 17, 2011:

Anna, I'm seeing your postings. In fact I see two on this page and two on another page too. Maybe you need to refresh your page to see them.

ThreeBirdsJewelry on Jan 17, 2011:

I keep having difficulty posting to curbly...here goes again:

Here's a link to my recent blog post, photos of my studio workspace...it's not all that inspiring YET, but I'm working on making it my own...


DesigningMom on Jan 17, 2011:

Anna, what a great "new" workbench. I not only love how it's all reclaimed left over materials but that they used a book for measurement. And what a cute apron made from old curtain panels too. Way to go!

ThreeBirdsJewelry on Jan 17, 2011:

Here is a linkto my blog: http://threebirdsjewelry.blogspot.com/2011/01/kissing-procrastination-good-bye.html

where I show my studio space...not exactly 'office' but you know cemet is good for my line of work (i.e. using a torch). I am slowly but surely making this more my own space...

DesigningMom on Jan 12, 2011:

Here you go Teach, I put what projects I have pictures for in a new album....Sewciables.

ModHomeEcTeacher on Jan 12, 2011:

Three Birds and DM-send pics of everything. I'm almost 100% visual.

ThreeBirdsJewelry on Jan 10, 2011:

Great post for the start of a new year! I am currently working on my studio space, which is a little less refined than an office...but I am still planning to add some artful touches and much needed organization.

DesigningMom on Jan 05, 2011:

Just about anything. I recently made work on decor for twin babies room, I've mended everything from holes to replacing zippers, new pillow covers for a sofa and even gave a young ladies critters back their eyesight and scense of smell. If I figure I can do it I'll do it. I just started a couple months ago and already bought new four new chairs for the Ladies Parlor with money to spart. Well I did sell some furniture too. I have two home businesses. Sewciables, and Once Old is New Again.

ModHomeEcTeacher on Jan 05, 2011:

What are  you sewing for a living?

DesigningMom on Jan 05, 2011:

You have some great points here Teach. Thanks.

This is a big reminder I need to get my sewing room set up now that I'm doing it for a living. It's not like I don't have the space.

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