Shipping Container Mansion


Quebec Shipping Container House

Okay, maybe it's not a mansion, but it sure is the biggest shipping container home I've ever seen! Built with seven--count 'em--SEVEN shipping containers, it is the creation of Bernard Morin and Joyce Labelle of Maison Idekit Home. According to reports, 'The containers are covered with 12 cm (5 inches) of urethane insulation and wooden cladding.  The interiors of the containers have been left with bare metal walls giving a stylish industrial feel. The 280 square metre (3,000 square feet) house cost just $175,000 to build'.

Quebec container house entrance

Interested in owning a container home of your own? Maison Idekit Home offers three-container chalets for about $45K, Canadian. 

Chalet plans

Via Container-Life. (Cool website!)

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meansoybean on Aug 03, 2009:

These guys are a local company and with the housing prices still very high, we're looking at this as an option. Buy some land (at least 5 acres) then have one of these nice shipping container houses up. There was recently an exposé on Visite Libre on Télé Québec. Here's a link to the episode synopsis, if you read French: http://www.telequebec.tv/emissions/visitelibre/episode.aspx?idCaseHoraire=101403432


It's reassuring that they're local and that 7 container house is not far away. It proves it can stand up to our winters.

DIY Maven on Aug 03, 2009:

I want one of the 3-container chalets. Plopped down somewhere on a hillside in the woods. Or maybe next to Runeshai's cousin in Hawaii. :)

Runeshai on Aug 03, 2009:

That's sweet!  I've got a cousin out in Hawaii making her house out of these things...cool idea.

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