The Lorna Corner Shelf

corner shelf Take Advantage of Unused Corners in Your Home : Lorna Corner Shelf
The Lorna Corner Shelf by William Feeney takes delightful advantage of odd corners. It measures 78" X 14" X 14" and clocks in at a hefty $1,495. This makes me do two things. One: choke on my morning coffee. Two: make me wonder if it's DIYable, to which I say, 'Totally'.  


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DIY Maven on Aug 04, 2009:

Thanks for the link, RosenRed! It's a great DIY option.

RosenRed on Aug 04, 2009:



Not quite, but diy none the less :)  I like it better than the one shown here :)



DIY Maven on Aug 03, 2009:

You're right!! I poked around the Target website and found this one for $120. Product Image

And this one for $45!

Product Image

Another David on Aug 03, 2009:

target has a corner shelf that looks an awful lot like that one for $50.

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