Monday Morning Inspiration: Before and After Kitchen Makeover

Monday Morning Inspiration: Before and After Kitchen Makeover

Photos by: Nick Steever


Monday morning jolt--get a load of this kitchen Before and After performed by Leah in her 1920's Philadelphia home.  Look at this crisp kitchen makeover.

created at: 2009-08-02

 To see the step by step photos, check it all out right here More Ways to Waste Time.  They make it looks so easy.

Leah has her own blog House Obsession  you'll want to peek at.


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ModHomeEcTeacher on Oct 06, 2009:

SK-I agree.

thesleepyknitter on Oct 06, 2009:

Love it! Crisp and clean, no caffeine. But seems like a lot of cabinet space was lost. Was it made up for elsewhere in the kitchen? At any rate, I'd definitely prefer working in the bright, open kitchen to the dark hovel. Great work!

ModHomeEcTeacher on Aug 04, 2009:

Maybe. I've got painted white cabinets and they only need a little clean up about once every 2-3 months. I like the wood too but as the writer pointed out, they were only 10" deep. White may be cheerier in that small space.

donna on Aug 03, 2009:

Although I do love the floor. Maybe I just can't imagine trying to keep white cabinets looking clean. ;^)

donna on Aug 03, 2009:

Meh. From character to blah.

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