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Machine Washable TV Remote?

by on Jan 11, 2007

A telephone is sitting near washing detergent.

As per my usual Wednesday routine, I stripped the sheets, piled them on the bed and then shoved said pile into the washing machine. When it was drying time and I yanked the balled-up linen from the washer, I noticed something vaguely familiar. It was one of those don’t-recognize-it-because-it’s-out-of-context moments. When I realized I had washed the TV remote, I let loose a cackling laugh.

I called my local TV repair man. “Is it toast?” I asked. “Probably,” he said.

In a rare moment of optimism, I took the remote apart and let the pieces dry on the kitchen counter. When no longer soggy, I put the thing together, along with a couple of fresh batteries. It was a Curbly miracle! The thing worked like a champ!

P.S. It is NOT recommended that you wash your remote controls, of course, but if you do, I’d suggest you remove the batteries first.