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Edwina on Mar 02, 2012:

Your furniture fits your room, nice proportion.  I agree with TheDecorator you already have a great color scheme with black, white and tan.  The most beautiful rooms I've seen  proportion the main and accent colors throught the room so that there are no "dead" areas that don't seem to have color or contrast in your case.  I like the look of white trim with tan walls close to the color of the sofa.  The white trim will "pop" with the tan walls and black furniture.   Once the room is painted it will become much easier to see what you need.  I would paint the coffee table maybe silver or white.  Fortunately there are a lot of magazines that show this color scheme.

DaveGlass on Mar 25, 2011:

The fireplace certainly needs a darker, bolder colour. Deep purple as one poster mentioned, or even deep red/ maroon would look very nice. Not sure about the chocolate colour for the sofa though, it seems to clash with the wooden floor. Would be better if it is a lot darker, but you do have a very nice room!



Room Dividers

goldie on Oct 15, 2009:

Well, I think that the fireplace wall would look nice a graphite or gunmetal grey. On the remaining walls I would take some of the grey from the accent wall and add a little into an off-white paint color. If you feel like re-doing your firepalce I would definately do slate tiles. Add an area rug just big enough to add a little texture to the room but to where you can still see your beautiful floors (I would suggust something in a nuetral shade with a large print). Then all you have to do is add your punch of color (which in this color scheme almost any vibrant eye-catching color will work) in the accessories.

Just remeber top have fun with it, and make it you. I'm sure it will turn out great! Keep us updated on your progress! :-D

Anonymous on Jun 18, 2009:

I think a terra cotta color would add a pop of color and not be to bold. I like your furnature but need to get a accent rug.

DestinybyDefinition on Jun 14, 2009:

I think that the fireplace wall would look awesome in a deep purple!!! It would contrast nicely with the blue door and yellow cabinet curtains you have. Since you have small punches of contrasting colors, and I think that is workeng really well, I'd continue adding mixes of colors that compliment eachother, keeping the neutral "base". it's different and you've pulled it off really well so far! maybe do the other walls an off-white with a purple undertone to bring it all together. i'd keep the fireplace lighter as well so it pops off the wall.


btw- that swivel chair to the left on the bottom picture... i have a book called 'home cheap home' with the same chair in it... where did you find it? ALL of your furniture is beautiful.

I'm really excited to see an update on this one, please let us know what you decide!

Barbara on Jun 14, 2009:

I love your room!! I would select a focal wall, I would choose the fire place. Paint it a deep warm mocha or chocolate, do the main walls in warm tan with a crisp white trim. The fireplace needs drama. . .add four images (blk-wht) framed in a bold black frame, off white matt or a single image also framed in black. If you have the budget. . .get the fireplace framed in (still keeping it working) so that it extends to the ceiling so that has more of a contemporary look. Your black chair suggests that you like modern. . . .

If you can do lighting, I would do a floor lamp on either side of the sofa or add a contemporary focal piece chandelier over the coffee table or add two hanging ceiling lamps on either side of the fireplace. If you go with the hanging lamps on either side, I would get two matching tables with a dark wood top for either side with brushed chrome silver handles or bottom.  I would also get a coffee table table that was more square thus giving the room a more updated look. The red looks great so, go a few throw pillows that incorporate the reds, browns and black for the sofa. I love the sofa and chairs. I would also change the yellow fabric in the china cabinet and go with the glass if not, cut panels to fit and cover them with a more natural material that goes back to your area rug. If not, add a few lights for drama and keep it open! You can add these yourself from a do it yourself home store. Takes 10mins. If you don't have a place for the dishes, go to Ikea and get the simple white plates and simple glasses that you can use everyday and display them. Simplicity in multiples adds unity and drama.

Good luck, I'm sure whatever you decide, it will be beautiful!

feelingpunchy on Oct 23, 2007:

I definitely think a warm orange would be awesome.  Look at this house:  http://www.hgtv.com/hgtv/dc_design_living_area/article/0,1793,HGTV_3376_5482773_05,00.html


Also, I LOVE your sofa...can you tell me who made it?  Thanks! 

AutumnHeart on Sep 21, 2007:

I agree with what a couple folks here have said: blue.  Go for a nice gray-blue, like a worn denim color.  It will go with the furniture you have now, plus it's an easy color to compliment with many different color accessories.

asilnnigcm on Sep 14, 2007:

 I would pick a yellow . It's such a beautiful room. Have fun with it, and please post a picture when it's done?

joye68 on Aug 28, 2007:

like the blue also. Open up those windows while you're at it. That is a gorgeous room. I'm really digging the wood floors. As far as the fireplace area, you could paint that in a richer shade of blue than the rest of the walls to draw the eye to that focal point. Consider glass tiles in a rectangle over and around the fireplace area.You could paint and wipe away paint at parts of the fireplace in a similar shade of blue, but nothing major. We did that in shades of brown to a friends place. It turned out nicely.

ajftuba on Jan 11, 2007:

I like that blue door in the background, I would go with a blue like that but a shade lighter. It's a lovely color.

Deborah on Jan 11, 2007:

check out www.benjaminmoore.com and click on color, then my personal color viewer. you can try out different colors there, like woodstock tan for the body color, navajo red for the accent walls, and ivory white for the trim.

Deborah on Jan 11, 2007:

Hi Cracker. I love your space! The eames chair and the Mies Van de Roh Lounge Chair are beautiful. I would love to own those in my home. Like I said you have a  nice space. I think Ask the decorator gave you some nice neutral color options. If you are looking to add some more POP and richness to your space, I would suggest using some darker shade or red.This would compliment the brown, gold and black in your room. I would also  change the color of the blue door and switch out the area rug for something more contemporary. Keep the white curtains and add some more black and white photographs/artwork (i see you have some already on your fireplace. Let me know what you decide to do, and make sure to post pictures. I would love to see how this room changes. Thanks! 

DIY Maven on Jan 11, 2007:

Check out what kiddy did with brown, black, blue & lime green. Could work...!

jasimar on Jan 11, 2007:

Gold is my first pick.  But an orangey color would go nicely with what you've got.  Blue on the other hand would make the floor and warm woods really POP! 

AsktheDecorator on Jan 10, 2007:

You have a great furniture selection started already, which will make choosing a paint color very easy. Right now you have a wonderful nuetral color scheme: browns, tans, black, silver and white. If you want a very sophisticated, trendy look, keep the neutral color scheme. Paint the walls a deep brown or a light mocha and keep the trim white. It will make your living room look warm and inviting. If you decide to stray from the nuetral color scheme, you could try a blue like the ones you find in patterns that are blue and brown. You could also try a sage or olive green which will give the room a very natural, earthy appeal. If you decide to go with a color outside of the neutral color scheme, try adding a few colorful accessories to the room which will really make your new paint color look like it belongs. Best of wishes and good luck! Your living room looks beautiful already, and I hope you like it even more when you're finished!

bruno on Jan 10, 2007:

Painting the fireplace a nice bright accent color might liven up the room without overwhelming things...

ceststeph on Jan 09, 2007:

I think a blue/grey would work well.

dervinz on Jan 09, 2007:

you've got many brown colors in the room (table, sofa, cupboard). either a contrast with lime (fitting the small fruit bowl) or some orange might be good?!

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