Wednesday Night Upholstery: Before and After

Wednesday Night Upholstery: Before and After

Classes are filling and expanding. I wish everyone could come to my home studio (basement) and learn fast and easy techniques to transform your Goodwill trashy furniture into upcycled beauties.  The new class started last night and each one brought a simple piece and a difficult piece. We got started on the easy ones first to get the feel of the tools, staple gun, and to fully understand why upholsterers charge the prices they do. Here's a perfect example of Beginner's Instant Gratification.

created at: 2009-07-16

Completing just the first of a set of chairs, this student learned how to recover a simple wrap seat and is going to finish the rest of them at home. She also found a fully upholstered, tufted back rocker at Goodwill that she wants to reupholster for her nursery. She saw one she loved at Pottery Barn Kids for around $800.00. Tipped off by her upholstery class co-hort, she rushed to a local Goodwill and found one that is practically identical for a mere $24.99. She's the kid in the class who asks for homework. She's going to tear down the rocker at home so she can come back and get right to work. Many more photos to follow.

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