How to Photograph Fireworks Displays

by on Jul 3, 2009

Fourth on Lake Austin by Stuck in Customs.

Darren Rowse of DPS fame tells us the ins and outs of taking spectacular fireworks display pics. Here’s the rundown:

  1. Tripod–use it!
  2. Remote release–get one!
  3. Framing your shot–do it!
  4. Focal length–wider is generally better!
  5. Aperture–think small range!
  6. Shutter speed–bulb mode is best if you got it!
  7. ISO–low!
  8. Flash–forgettaboutit!
  9. Manual mode–take charge!
  10. Experiment–and keep track of the outcome!

To make Darren’s suggestions actually make sense, visit this page on DPS.

Any Happy 4th to all my fellow Yanks!

Image courtesy of Stuck in Customs.