How to Make an Altoid Tin Travel Game Set

by on Jul 2, 2009


Altoids Travel Games - Coverpage.jpg

This is one of the BEST uses of an empty Altoid tin I’ve ever seen. A collection of four board games all packed into that little box. How cool is that? But enough with my gushing. Jphphotography tells us we’ll need a few things besides the tin to make it. This is what they include:

  • Altoid tin, regular 50g size
  • a printer
  • glue (spray adhesive or a glue stick, take your pick)
  • Krazy Glue
  • a scissors
  • Fimo (for making the games’ pieces)
  • rare earth magnets
  • a hammer (optional for step 5 of the tute)

To see how proceed from here, follow this jump to Instructables.