DIY Woven Soda Can Tab Belt

soda can tab belt

This project was first featured in the August/September issue of Budget Living Magazine, (now defunct, as far as I can tell). At least one crafter was so smitten with it, she began saving up soda can tabs.

The maker tells us she used about 150 tabs in all and wove them together with nylon cord. Two 7 foot lengths of cord were used for the weaving part, with about 1/3 left over. Of course both the amount of tabs needed and length of cord would depend upon your waist size.

Although this isn't a tutorial, it seems fairly easy. Up, cross over to down, up, cross over to down...etc. Knots at either end, then two lengths for tying and then another couple of knots and you're done. Very cute!

This is the non-cross-over side of the belt. Cool that it's reversible for two different looks too.

To read more about the project, follow this jump.


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