DIY Garden Art on a Stick


DIY Garden Art on a Stick

This inspired idea comes from Junk Market Style member LuAnn. She made garden art by inverting vases and then gluing stuff like statues, pots and paperweights on their bottoms using Goop. She then slipped the vases on dowels, which, I'm guessing she stuck in the ground first. As LuAnn says, the possibilities are endless! 

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Paula on May 31, 2014:

I've been doing this for years using interesting /colorful finds. I did this to prevent poking my eyes out when working the plant/flower beds.

DesigningMom on Jun 17, 2009:

I've seen the bottle trees with just the bottles on them, but this takes that idea to a new level. I really like these. I'll be looking at all the vases I see while thrifting differently now. That's for sure.


~Becky <>< 

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