Housecall: Sewing Machine Repairman

Housecall: Sewing Machine Repairman

 Are you kidding? Does anyone have a sewing machine repairman that comes to your house for $30.00 a pop? With an entire gaggle of sewing machines, I only pay $30.00 per machine when a certain unnamed fabric store charges $60.00 for a tune up by the very same guy. Ha! For once, I won one.

created at: 2009-06-04

The best part is not having to lug the machines to the shop.  The physical strain would be bad enough, let alone the $60.00 per machine tune up cost. I'm fortunate to have worked out this deal with this talented gentleman but come on, he gets to sit in my house, work at his own pace and he's treated like one of the family for the day. Look how happy he is. We love him.

Don't think I don't appreciate this old school service. This is the old fashioned way of doing things. I love it!! It's personal, service focused and just plain grand.

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