Ginormous Vegetables

Ginormous Vegetables

In some parts of the world, they grow 'em big. I mean REALLY big. Take, for instance, Lebanese farmer Khalil Semhat grew an astounding 24.9 pound sweet potato, which, frankly, looks very little like a sweet potato at that size.

We hear about gigantic pumpkins every Halloween, but they're usually not as big as this monster grown in Rhode Island, which clocked in at a hefty 1689 pounds.


Lloyd Bright hit the jackpot with this 268 pound watermelon.

John Evans, who lives 40 miles north of Anchorage, Alaska, was able to nurse a cabbage to a very remarkable 76 pounds.

Mr. Evans doesn't only know how to grow big cabbages. He also grew a 18.985 pound carrot,

a 31.15 pound cauliflower, 

and a 35 pound broccoli.

To see the other ridiculously large garden produce, visit oddee.com.


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