13 Things You Haven't Cleaned in 6 Months

13 Things You Haven't Cleaned in 6 Months

Many if not all of these 13 things on Barbi's list are easily forgotten on cleaning day. Embarrassing to admit but true!

  1. The top of your refrigerator.
  2. Under the bathroom and kitchen sink.
  3. Your keyboard. 
  4. Your mouse. 
  5. The outside of your trash can.
  6. The inside of your light fixtures. 
  7. Your kids' backpacks. 
  8. Picture frames hanging on walls. 
  9. The drawer under the stove.
  10. The tops of your bookcases. 
  11. The produce/crisper drawers in your refrigerator.
  12. Your purse or handbag. 
  13. The steering wheel, gear shift and radio in your car. 

So...how'd you do? I'm up to date on 8 out of the 13, but that's only because I've recently purchased a new laptop and mouse! To clean everything on the list, check out Barbi's post, which includes links to cleaning techniques for individual items. 


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