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Wanted to tell you what I have done this week.  I am starting the renovations for my house, which I affectionately call my "Foreclosed Palace" (colonial revival cape cod, I think.  The former owner was a crackhead carnie.  His loss, my gain, I guess.


I replaced the original galvanized piping to the 2nd floor bath w/ plastic.  I do not sweat solder copper pipe. Well, I can do it but I don;t trust my soldering, unless I might be making a sprinkler system. :)

I filled the pipes w/ water today, crossed my fingers and no leaks!!  I suppose it could be easy to forget to glue a fitting somewhere.

1st pic...why one doesn't use galvanized pipe much nowadays. I wondered why it didn;t drain well and I could not get a plumbing snake thru it.

Why one does use galvanized pipe much nowadays....plugged up.
 Before Photo (I posted this at a professional plumbers website and several said it looked so bad it scared them...the before shot):

Before...thru kitchen ceiling to 2nd floor bath

I crashed................(I really need to replace that temporary light fixture.  Especially since I am an electrician, huh!



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sparkie on Jan 07, 2007:

Sorry for my typos...I have a small laptop board.  I just need to take time to spell check or proofread.

Example:  Copper not cooper pipe

sparkie on Jan 07, 2007:

No thanks on the plumbing position unless you wanna trade for some crawlspace work.  Yuck, I hate to think about that job for me in the near future.

I know different material/methods are used in different parts of country and world.  Some for legimate reasons and some not.  I spent some time now researching cooper vs cpvc vs pex and saw many intersting info/opinions. 

Pex is just starting to be used in my area of country.  Maybe more common on west coast cause it is flexible like some of your land?  Pex needs special tool and more skill than cpvc.  I may use that on the totally demo'd mstr bath waiting for me.  I have well water which is aggresive so not copper friendly, plus the sweating thing. 

Maybe be to sum up:  Ford or Chevy

Thanks for the info!

alexrussell on Jan 06, 2007:

Looks like a lot of work. I'd hire you for plumbing, if that means anything. Over here on the west coast we use ABS for DWV (drain, waste and vent), not PVC. I don't know why.

I'm not sure about the CPVC for water, though. We use it only for water heater relief lines. Sweating copper's actually not that tough, especially with the right foundation. But there's a water pipe alternative that is as easy to install and as cheap as CPVC but much more reliable. Ever heard of PEX?

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