Beaded Curtains...on a bathroom sink?


Beaded Curtains...on a bathroom sink?

I can't tell if the Moxie wall-mounted lavatory from Kohler is cool or just weird. Hanging beaded curtains along the edges of a wall-mouned lav is definitely a new idea. A sink is a wonderful thing, but there's always functionality right at the throat of aesthetics. People want dirty water to go away but almost nobody wants to see a sink's p-trap underneath, even if it's chrome and flawlessly installed. Hence, the beaded curtain.

My question is, why not a beaded curtain along the front as well? That's what you'll see walking into the bathroom anyway. It would also be cool if the sink came in different colors, and you could hang on it whatever beads you wanted. Maybe some people get sick of the beads and cut them off all together. And then there are the trapophiles who love the beads because they really want to see the p-trap, but also want the allure of it being slightly hidden.

But one question stands out from this hippy-inspired sink--why name it "Moxie?" Is this the kind of sink a grizzled old man would be proud to use?


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cassandraj on Dec 07, 2007:

I'm thinking about a beaded curtain to replace the door to my bathroom closet, I think it would make the  bathroom look bigger. Have to do a search for beaded curtains.

carasima on Jun 27, 2007:

I'd been  toying with the idea of putting a curtain under my wall mounted sink, but i think beads would be much better!  what a great idea!

DIY Maven on Jan 07, 2007:

Who IS naming these Kohler products? First the Hatbox toilet and now this?? It almost looks handicapped accessible...maybe that's why no beads in front?

Have you ever seen people attach a curtain to an old, wall-mounted sink to hide the pipes? A beaded curtain would be a great alternative. And A LOT cheaper than the Moxie, I'd bet!

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