Cardboard Safari: Peace, Love, and Taxidermy.

Cardboard Safari: Peace, Love, and Taxidermy.
With two working-class science teachers for parents, we were rarely allowed to have snacks at the movies, to buy toys outside of holidays, or ambitious vacations. BUT, we ALWAYS were allowed to buy souvenirs from museum and zoo gift shops.

So, having grown up putting together T.Rex skeletons and playing with molecular models, I have a soft spot for the flat-packed, Cardboard Safari approach to wall decor.

From Inhabitat, "The Charlottesville–based e-tailer draws inspiration from nature and relies on sustainable and recycled materials to bring their designs to life. Each cardboard animal is laser-cut for precision and flat-packed to make shipping easier and less wasteful... Each item is made from recycled cardboard and arrives with assembly instructions."

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