How to Make a Notebook Slipcover

How to Make a Notebook Slipcover

Fern loves to jot down notes in notebooks, so she goes through a lot of them. But forking over cash for those pretty bookstore blank books only to deface them provoked a certain amount of guilt. Sooooo Fern decided to stock up on inexpensive notebooks from the dollar store and make a pretty fabric cover that she can transfer from book to book. Tweak the construction a bit, and you could even make yours machine washable. To whip one up, you'll need....

  • a notebook(s)
  • enough fabric to cover the outside of your notebook(s)
  • a bit of fabric with which to line your cover
  • an even littler bit of fabric to make pockets for your cover
  • ribbon, to make a tie
  • PVA, to attache the ribbon (although sewing on the ribbon or using washable fabric glue might be a better choice)
  • sewing machine, thread, etc.
  • this tutorial from craftblog.au

Of course the same procedure could be used to make book covers too. 

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