All The Young (Crafting) Dudes

All The Young (Crafting) Dudes

Image: Dudecraft

The fast moving clan of dude crafters may be seen as brave trailblazers in the current craft movement. However, few probably remember that Rosie Grier, a member of the original Fearsome Foursome of the Los Angeles Rams, was an avid hobbyist who focused his crafting passions on macrame and needlepoint, authoring Rosie Grier's Needlpoint for Men in 1973. Over 35 years later there's a new breed of dudes who are crafting and stitching and making waves in the otherwise girly craft blogosphere. Who are these dudes?

First up is DudeCraft.com, written by Paul Overton. Not surprising, Paul's parents were creative types.  DudeCraft encourages guys to do all kinds of crafting from the wood and steel stuff to knitting a scarf.  Paul is very generous in his acknowledgements of fledgling craft bloggers. DudeCraft.com is one my favorite 'fresh' blogs to check out every morning. I love his site. 

Mr. X Stitch, Jamie Chalmers is the kingpin of contemporary cross-stitch and embroidery which he's hoping to bring to a whole new audience.  His blog is subversive and sharp and he also features lots of fellow crafters who are making a statement with the 'power of stitch.'  

Drew Emborsky is The Crochet Dude and has authored Crochet Dude's Designs for Guys: 30 Projects Men Will Love. His site features photos of guy projects that will knock your crocheted socks off as well as the Ming Tree, an asian inspired skirt. Can you imagine being so lucky as to receive a crocheted skirt from your dude?

Last, but definitely not meek, is Manbroidery, not just a label, it's a way of life, a movement, a calling. Written by Johnny Murder, this blog is out to prove that the Manbroiderer is a new breed.

Watch your back girls.

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