Living in a Comic Strip

The Art Hotel in Berlin (Arte Luise Kunsthotel) prides itsef on the eccentric and unique interior design of its building. Every room is different and original:

The concept of this somewhat different hotel - "art instead of grandeur, poetry instead of room service" - is winning guests over.

Let's take a tour...

In the 'Comic' room, every corner and angle is outlined with a thin, hand-drawn black line to gift the effect of being in a cartoon.

Living in a Comic Strip

In 'Panorama 360', the guest is surrounded by a sea of colorful stripes.

The walls of 'This is a room like all others' are covered with quotations taken from books, plays, magazines, poetry and overheard conversations.

'Standby' features colorful disembodied feet pacing the walls and ceilings.


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arnita on May 09, 2007:

i love the one with the black type.

suemey on Apr 23, 2007:

i want the comic book one for my future kids

Well Manor'ed on Mar 08, 2007:

When you enter the comic room do you speak with a caption bubble over your head? Do your shoes start to squeak? Can you trip and fall Up? If you hit your head is there a "BONK" sound? :)  Fun place!

RareBlueMonkey on Mar 01, 2007:

I absolutely love the comic room. I am starting a humor website with my wife so I have a perfect excuse to do that to my office (or our conference room) Amazing.

VoodooQueen on Jan 04, 2007:

Wow!  My next trip to Berlin has to include a stay at that hotel.  That's amazing.

EmilyJayne on Nov 29, 2006:

The comic room is really neat.  i thought it was a CG drawing.  There's some Ikea kids furniture that the technique would look great on.

 Mammut Ikea:



designspotter on Nov 25, 2006:


omgcordelia on Nov 17, 2006:

That is awesome. I love the quotes room. So cool.

wideopengate on Nov 17, 2006:

My favorite is the comic room, that would translate really well in a kids room! 

imkimpulsive on Nov 17, 2006:

this is the coolest thing ever.

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