Rain Gutter Gardens.

Below: Suzanne Forsling's windowbox garden after two months.
Suzanne Forsling, raised in Iowa but now living in Juneau, had a need to grow her own produce, has only a bit of sunny space in her yard, and it was tiny. Her solution? Don't grow the goodies next to the house...grow 'em ON the house.

"Why not put rain gutters in rows along the wood siding on the sunny side of the house[?] It might look weird, but that was where all the heat, sun and protection from damage is best.We went to Home Depot and selected some "attractive" brown plastic gutters along with all the required parts so that we could mount them in one long row. (The total length or a row would be about 20 feet). Pete drilled some very small holes in the bottom of the gutters to let excess water drain out after he mounted them on the siding." From the Juneau Empire

 New World Geek via Make.

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DesigningMom on May 02, 2009:

Chris, what a great find. I'm not surprised it was an Iowa girl (I'm originally from Iowa) that did this. Living in a place about as far away from, and unlike, Iowa, as there is in the USA she's done good. We've attached regular long planters all the way around the top of our deck railing, but might use this idea for even more space for our organic veggies.

Boy I hope that makes sense. I've been a bit wonky all day today.

Becky <>< 

dewonangus on May 01, 2009:

Brilliant ...  what a great idea!  We have a south facing garden bed that is up against our garage, well protected and come spring, it is usually about 2-3 weeks growth ahead of the rest of our yard.  We are on a hillside and this side of our house is sloped.  The downspout runs along the lower part of this wall and the previous owner drilled holes in the bottom which helps water this bed. 

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