Wash Away Poison Ivy with Fels Naptha Soap

Wash Away Poison Ivy with Fels Naptha Soap

With pesky weed and vine removal comes the likely possibility of rubbing up against some poison ivy, sumac or poison oak. If you're sensitve to these weeds, the coming weeks could be miserble. A quick anecdote is to

strip down ASAP and shower using Fels Naptha Soap. It will greatly reduce and in most cases, prevent a reaction to the poison ivy oil. Since poison ivy resin can stay on you clothes for up to one year, be sure to launder your clothes in shaved or grated Fels Naptha to neutralize that resin.

To learn more practical and unexpected uses for Fels Naptha Soap, including leather tanning if you find yourself with a deer carcass on your hands, check out Soaps Gone Buy

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