Forecasting Color Trends

Forecasting Color Trends

I’ve heard more than one designer say that if you want to know what’s going to be popular in interiors six months from now, turn an eye to the fashion world.

Pantone, the self-described "world-renowned authority on color" and "color communication," has available a preview of colors that will be setting the trend in spring ‘07, which means they’ll be influencing interior design in the fall of ‘07, based on the aforementioned theory. And, I’m sorry to report, there’s not a red among ‘em.

PANTONE 16-3929 Grapemist
PANTONE 14-1041 Golden Apricot
PANTONE 15-0326 Tarragon

But I wouldn’t worry about that bedroom you just painted pomegranate. Interior colors are like the fashion industry: what’s out today will be in tomorrow. And besides, who wants to follow trends anyway?

For more colors included on Pantone’s Spring 2007 Fashion Color Report, visit Fashion Trendsetter. For more information on Pantone, check out their website at www.pantone.com.

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