How To Lay a Perfect Bead of Caulk

How To Lay a Perfect Bead of Caulk

If you have one drop of DIY blood running through your veins, you know that ignoring bad caulking can cost you time and money. If you notice the caulking around your tub shrinking and gappy with a hint of mold or mildew, don't procrastinate. The biggest pain is cleaning out all of the old caulk,

created at: 2009-04-24


but laying the new bead of caulk is the fun part. Not only are you taking care of a needed repair, but you're also going to get almost instant gratification with a beautiful, fresh, waterproof seal. To boost your confidence, watch this video and see how you can do it like a professional (or a guy who may or may not have gone to my high school).

 Photos: Reader's Digest Handyman


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