Corrugated Cardboard Functional Furniture

Corrugated Cardboard Functional Furniture

Is his the perfect life? How would you like to live and work in Snowmass, Colorado making corrugated cardboard furniture that is useful, attractive, creative and environmentally sound?  Now this guy has to feel good after a day's work. The 'guy' is Jason Schneider who creates these delightful 'Spin' cabinets with rotating levels at The Anderson Ranch Arts Center. See his other work, the 'Tall' chest.

created at: 2009-04-17


created at: 2009-04-17

All photos by Jason Schneider

See more of Jason's work here.


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ModHomeEcTeacher on Apr 21, 2009:

Or, what if you had some water leak on it (like we occasionally do from our washing machine upstairs)? It would be a soggy mess.


Stacey Folsom on Apr 20, 2009:

These are pretty amazing. I'd love to have a Spin cabinet in my house but my dog has an affinity for the taste of cardboard and I'd be afraid to come home a half eaten cabinet.

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