Determining Your Garden Style

Determining Your Garden Style

Contemporary, Mid-Century Modern, Traditional, Modern Country, Victorian....most of us Curbliers can distinguish one from the other and have most likely picked our favorite as our interior decor style. However, when it comes to gardens...well that can be a bit tricker. Maybe you're like me and you've seen gardens you adore but are unsure as to what style they are. You describe it to others--maybe even your future landscape designer--trying to recreate the image in your head. Wouldn't it be so much easier just to have a word that defines it? Give me Tuscan! Give me Xeriscape! See? Sooo much easier.

created at: 2009-04-16

To help us wade through the individual styles of gardens, check out this very informative page on Landscape Design Advisor. In it there links to more in-depth information and sometimes sub-categories of the styles as well!

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