Paper and Plastic Beehive and Newspaper Pig Magnets

Paper and Plastic Beehive and Newspaper Pig Magnets

Walk through World Market on any given day and you'll undoubtedly see a few clever products. My worry here is that there are some little village women somewhere in a far corner of the world twisting and weaving these newspaper pig magnets for maybe five cents apiece. Danny Seo of DailyDanny.com went window shopping in Seattle last week. He posted some photos from his stroll. 

created at: 2009-04-02

Another eye-grabbing photo is a window display in Anthropologie of a beehive made entirely from plastic bags and pages from old books and magazines. According to Danny, the people at Anthropologie have to ward off customers who want to purchase their visual displays. I have a perfect place for this beehive. I wonder how hard it would be...

Photos courtesy of DailyDanny.com


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