Soap Bubble Photography

Soap Bubble Photography

The thing about taking a photography class is you're always looking for new and interesting images to capture. Generally, I'd rather not set up a shot so much as come upon a potential subject that strikes my fancy, but this technique of capturing 'light interference on soap film' just might make the set up worth the trouble. The photographer, Bogdan Chesaru dipped a wire frame into a soap bubble mixture, making a film across the frame. The frame was then held above a dark surface with a studio light aimed at the soap film. The photographer aimed the camera 'so that the reflection of the light [was] seen over the entire surface of the bubble, and a macro-photograph [was] taken of that reflection.'


According to Bogdan, all the images were 'created completely in the camera with minor contrast and saturation adjustments.' To see more soap bubble pictures, follow this link.



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