The Read-Nest: The Bibliophile's Get-Away

The Read-Nest: The Bibliophile's Get-Away

A little slice of heaven in only 9.8 square meters, the Read-Nest by Dorte Madrup Arkitekter is a bibliophile's dream. Shelves for books and a spot to settle back with a page turner...doesn't get much better.

The prefabricated structure is also perfect for writing, studying and relaxing, the Read-Nest is kind of a pop-up book in itself. A desk unfolds from the wall as does a bed. Above, the ceiling folds back to reveal a skylight. Yes...a slice of heaven, indeed!

Below is a quick video of the set-up process. For more pictures and information visit smallhousestyle.com.

Read-Nest / Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter from david basulto on Vimeo.

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