Earthbag Homes

Earthbag Homes
The first time I read about earthbag homes, I had to repeat the 'bag' part a few times. Bags? Seriously? Yup. Basically, they're stacked sandbags (which could be filled with a variety of materials) that are subsequently plastered over. One of their biggest proponents is Dr. Owen Geiger, who is the former director of Builders Without Boarders and founder of the Geiger Research Institute of Sustainable Building. His contention is that earthbag homes are one of the most practical and easy-to-assemble types of construction in the world. So easy are they to erect, a DIYer can build one.

From simple structures to more complicated ones like that of Kelly and Rosana Hart (pictured above), earthbag homes can take many shapes and styles. Here's some interior shots of the Hart home:

Earthbag homes don't always have to be dome-shaped either. Below is the Alison Kennedy House. It was constructed in Moab, Utah.

The kitchen of the Kennedy House.

To see plans of some of Dr. Geiger's earthbag homes, check out this blog. For more information about earthbag homes go to earthbagbuilding.com. The articles page is particularly interesting.


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