50 Nifty Tips for Big DIY Savings

50 Nifty Tips for Big DIY Savings

Where else would you expect to find valuable tips to save dollars at home, and from your home, than from the folks at This Old House?  Fifty itemized DIY tips to save up to $50, $150, $250, and even up to $500 are all listed with your cost, your savings, and your bonus for the change.  This list is going to be printed and posted in my kitchen as a Priority To Do list. It's like free money.


Up to $50.00 savings: Use your laptop instead of your desktop computer, it takes 80% less electricity.

Up to  $150.00 savings: Wait until the fall to replace your grill, lawn mower or patio furniture when the stores mark down these items to make way for holiday merchandise.

Up to $250.00 savings: Toss the extra refridgerator. It's probably old, inefficient and using LOTS of electricity. 

Up to $500.00 savings: Choose in-stock items when remodeling, such as tiles, cabinetry and flooring. Retailers want to empty their warehouses.

For the 46 other $$$ saving tips, go to This Old House.

via: The Consumerist

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