How to Make a Matchbook Booklet

How to Make a Matchbook Booklet

Here’s a really easy way to make a booklet, perfect for poetry readings, musings, ceremonies of the wedding and anniversary variety.....well, you get the idea.

To make one, you’ll need:

  • One sheet of 8 ½" x 11" cardstock.
  • 2 or three pieces of copy paper.
  • A craft knife and cutting board. (A pencil and scissors will work too.)
  • A ruler.
  • Two brads. (I used 1/4" size.)
  • A boning tool, optional.
  • An paper awl, paper punch or small nail.

To start, measure 3/4" up from one of the short sides of the card stock, and score with your boning tool.

Fold the short fold up.

Next, stack your copy paper and fold in half. Using your craft knife and ruler, trim the edge opposite of the fold so it measures 5 1/4" wide.

Lay the folded edge of the copy paper right next to the short fold of the card stock. Using a paper awl, punch or nail, make two small holes equidistant from the cut edges and about 1/4" from the folded edge.

Turn the paper and cardstock over and insert brads.

Fold the booklet using your scored line. Then turn down the long side of the cardstock and tuck it under the short flap. Use your boning tool to make a crisp fold there too. (If you’re a fan of folding paper and don’t have a boning tool yet, you might want to get one. I hadn’t had one for a long time and then I ‘splurged’. It does come in very handy.)

Your booklet now looks like a large matchbook.

If you’re not using decorative cardstock, you could embellish the front. Around here, embossing rules, so that’s what I did, using gold embossing powder on the cream-colored booklet pictured above.

What’s great about this quick-to-make booklet is that the backs of the brads don’t show. Slick.

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Arquiteacher on Feb 27, 2013:

I am agree with the last comment! I love the idea and I´m gonna use it for language booklets for my little one!

Thank you so much for this crative and clever idea!

DIY Maven on Mar 20, 2009:

Grocery lists? How very not romantic!

bruno on Mar 19, 2009:

Nice idea! This would be great for grocery lists, etc.


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