10 New Uses for Old Things

10 New Uses for Old Things

My Home Ideas culled these 10 great ideas for repurposing old stuff into new stuff from the pages of Real Simple.

  1. Turn an old kitchen stool into a night stand or side table. (I actually did this using an old, round piano stool, pictured above. My in-laws found it in MWT's grandmother's chicken coop. I scrubbed off the poop that covered it and gave it a coat of black satin.)
  2. Turn unused brooches in to spectacular refrigerator magnets.
  3. Use dishtowels and placemats.
  4. Store seasonal items in old suitcases.
  5. Use old calendar pages as gift wrap.
  6. Turn old silverware into hooks. (LOVE this one.)
  7. Use picture frames as serving trays.
  8. Set a tray on top of an old bucket for an instant outdoor side table.
  9. Use wine glasses as candle holders. Might look even better if they were MIS-matched wine glasses.
  10. Use a pegged coat-rack to display art and photos in hallways and over fireplaces.

To see the entire list, including pictorial examples of each and links to the how-to's on Real Simple, visit this page on My Home Ideas.

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